Vehicle emergency contact

Vehicle Emergency Contact : What to do if a car is blocking your way or parked in your parking space?

You will need to contact the owner of this car immediately. The reason for contacting the owner can be anything it is blocking the way, or the lights are on, or it is about to get towed.

You have to let the owner know right away. But there is just no way for you to get Vehicle Emergency Contact unless the car owner left their contact details on the car.

Receive notifications when you are not arround your car | NGF 132
Vehicle Emergency Contact

If the car owner doesn’t leave their contact details on their car, the quickest way would be to leave a note on the car. This means the owner will only see the note when he gets back to the car and there is nothing you can do about it.

What is NGF132 and How it’s Useful to us?

Ideally, as a car owner, I don’t want to leave my contact details in public. I would like the possibility to be contacted without revealing any personal details such as my name, picture, or phone number.

And when I have to contact the owner of any vehicle, I just want to relay the message I want to pass and nothing else.

How NGF132 Helps to get Vehicle Emergency Contact?

Vehicle Emergency Contact : NGF132 is designed to resolve all these issues, it allows you to contact the owner of a vehicle instantly, while still keeping the privacy of both parties safe.

By placing an NGF132 car sticker on your car, anyone can easily contact you just by scanning the QR code.

How to use NGF132 ? - YouTube

If you parked in a no-parking zone, or blocking someone’s way, left the car windows open or if there are any concerns with your car, you can be contacted via NGF132.

Contacting a Car Owner in Case of an Emergency

If a car is blocking your way, let’s say, your garage door or your main gate and you can’t get out. Even if you want to contact the owner of a car for other reasons, like letting them know they left their window down, or they didn’t turn off their headlights or anything to help them.

NGF132 makes it really easy, you won’t have to compromise your own privacy and your message will be relayed.

NGF 132 at Rs 149/piece | Barcode Stickers | ID: 23289560088

You can also get this service for your own vehicle, be it a car or motorcycle. NGF132 stickers are available for both vehicles. You won’t have to pay an enormous amount to get this, it will cost only 149/- Rs.

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After placing an order you will receive a unique QR code within 3-5 days, which you can stick on your vehicle & register by following the simple registration process.

Another benefit of NGF132 is that you can turn it on & off as needed. Which helps in filtering unwanted prank & spam alerts.

Next, it is also helpful in case of a road emergency, as it allows you to keep your important medical details & emergency contact number at one place.

NGF132 Contact Stickers for Car and Bike Owners. People can Send You SMS  Without Getting Your Phone Number. 2 Car +1 Bike Stickers.: Car  & Motorbike

Next time you find a car in distress or blocking your way? Check & scan the NGF132 QR code and contact the owner immediately.



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