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  • NGF132

    NGF132No Need to write your phone number on your car dashboard anymore.

    With NGF132, you can store your Mobile number, and other details in a encrypted sticker which can help other contact you without getting your any datails. These stickers are supposed to be placed on your vehicle, so that people can scan it and send you a free text.

    How it works

    Once you request for a NGF132 sticker, we ship them to your address.

    Once you have the sticker, you simply scan the sticker using any QR reader APP or our own NGF132 APP. The system detects auto detects new stickers and asks you to register it using your mobile number and vehicle plate number.

    Once you have registered the sticker to your phone number, you need to simply stick it to any of the window of your car, and people may send you the message by scanning the sticker onwards. No private information is shared between any of our users.


    Private & Secure

    You can receive SMS and APP notification about your car, without sharing any of your personal data.

    Sticker Control

    You may disable the sticker temporary from the APP, when not interested to receive any update.

    Fast access

    The same stickers can be used while entering into any restricted area like housing societies.

    Upload Documents

    Upload store your documents and access them anytime using passwords.

    Emergency Contact

    Store emergency contact details, which can be access by any one incase of any emergency.

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