Smart Transportation System Why Do We Need It

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Smart Transportation System: Why do we need it?

Imagine being the residents of a city that truly understands all your needs and is just like your safe home. This dream a few years later led to the announcement of Indian government’s Smart Cities Mission a few years ago.

The emergence of new and exciting technologies that continue to make cities smarter has made us think that we can actually make this dream come true. 

Sinyar Oman set to roll out Mwasalats smart transportation system

However, one most important aspect in the realisation of this dream is going to be the intelligent transport management system. 

What does an intelligent transport management system mean?

The transformation of a smart city is certain to be led by transportation. An intelligent transport management system means the integration of Information and Communication Technology that could ensure a hassle-free travel experience for its people.

With millions of commuters choosing to ride several modes of public transport, an IT-enabled solution that can simplify their travel is crucial. 

Holistic smart transport system launched - Smart Cities World

An intelligent transport management system is not only seamless and safe but is also super efficient. This ensures the overall convenience and advancement of its people. 

Is it a realisable dream?

Many countries of the world have realised the dream of a smart city by decongesting their transportation system and India is also very well poised to head towards the same direction.

Ahmedabad's Ashram Road and Riverfront Road to Turn Into 'Smart' Roads  Through the Launch of 'Intelligent Transportation System' (ITS) by Zero-Sum  ITS Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

The example of Smart City Ahmedabad Development Limited (SCADL) in transforming their manually operated bus transit system into a smart transportation system is one of the best examples where the city transformed its manually operated bus transit system into a smart transportation system.

About NGF132 | No need to leave your phone number on the dashboard anymore.  | NGF132

NGF132 tags will also play a very important role in helping India realise the dream of a smart city. By installing these tags, the process of vehicle verification, vehicle identification etc. becomes really easy and convenient.