How Ngf132 Giving The Solutions For Parking Problems In I...

How Ngf132 Giving the Solutions for Parking Problems In India

In these modern times finding a place to park your vehicle becomes the most challenging task than driving on urban city roads. The issue has been quickening by these days people from the middle-class background can buy vehicles. The quantity of families with vehicles has become substantially more than whatever the nation can make due.


Authorities say unapproved parking of vehicles is one of the explanations for the most widespread problems behind traffic confusion they address in the city.

According to NGF132 Team Analysis, 40% of traffic congestion in modern urban cities is because drivers find suitable parking spaces due to a lack of parking innovations. Parking struggle has become the main reason for oil wastage. Ngf132 offers the best parking solutions designed to remove the uncertainty in finding the best parking spaces at your location. 

How does NGF132 help you to find the top Innovative Solutions for Parking Problems In India?

NGF132 developed the QR technology-based tags are becoming the reason to find and locate better options of parking as well as if any vehicle is in the wrong parking place NGF132 tags help to contact the owner by just one scan from your smartphone cameras without sharing any of the personal data.
NGF132 says ” With our expert and experienced team we came together to help and control the issue of Parking in the city”
With the help of NGF132 tags, people can send you messages or call you in case your vehicle is creating any issues.People can scan the NGF132 tags using any QR reader APPs like Paytm or even phone camera and can send you message. Your phone number is not shared in the process.

How NGF132 Tags work?

NGF132 Tags are simply connecting car owners to the general public who wants to contact the owner for any specific reasons like :

  • If any vehicle owners parked their car/bike in front of your gate or at any wrong places where the vehicle can’t take out.
  • Sometimes vehicle owners forget to turn off their car/bike lights if anybody wants to help them by informing the situation via NGF132 tags you can contact the owner.
  • Most of the time drivers park their vehicles in no parking zone and the vehicles get towed in this kind of situation NGF132 tags help to reach out to the drivers.
  • By adding emergency contact details in your NGF132 tags in any Unfortunate situation anyone can scan and contact your loved ones 

How to buy NGF132 Tags for your vehicles?

Ngf132 always has one mission to provide safe and hassle-free parking solutions to commuters.Get NGF132 tags for your vehicle. Ngf132 tags are available for cars and bikes. A one-time buy and even if someone reports to you once, your 299 is worth spending. Ngf132 gives 100%  assurance you would love it.

 NGF132 provides best-in-class support for the service and delivers in 2-3 days. 

Contact us at [email protected] or directly call us at +91 9034 6644 87

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