How Ngf132 Can Help With The Parking Challenges Of Cities

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How NGF132 can help with the parking challenges of cities?

Finding the perfect spot remains a huge challenge in big cities of India. Reports suggest that an average commuter spends over 80 hours each year searching for an ideal parking spot.

Although the population size of multiplied in the cities over the past few decades, the parking spaces have not grown at a similar rate. 

New Apps That Help You Find a Parking Space Have Cities in a Fury -  Bloomberg

Today, urban cities are facing tremendous issues such as traffic congestion, pollution etc. Here are a few challenges that Indian cities are facing while parking their vehicles:

Chaos due to On-street parking

People in metro cities today prefer to have their cars parked on-street. As on street parking costs less than off-street parking, people are herding to get an on-street parking. These often leads to problems such as delays, and car tows etc. With proper policy in place, such problems can be tackled.

Delhi's parking policy needs public support | Hindustan Times

However, relying on government policies can’t always be the right solution. An alternative method to help people deal with on-street parking is NGF132. If you ever come across a vehicle that has been parked on-street and is causing hindrance for you, you can easily check for the NGF132 sticker and contact the owner. 


If everyone gets an NGF132 sticker pasted on their vehicle, it will make parking more convenient for the people. It will help us park peacefully and would reduce the traffic chaos in the cities. 

Parking in festivities and special occasions

Festive seasons bring in a lot of chaos in the street. Special occasions mean huge vehicle queues and unending traffic.

These vehicles create great discomfort for the travelers. In this scenario too NGF132 come handy.

A vehicle if left unattended can cause severe traffic jams, even the risks of accident also increase manifold during these occasions. With NGF132, your life can become easy.