How Can The Never Ending Parking Agony Of Indian Commuter...

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How can the never-ending parking agony of Indian commuters end?

Parking system is a huge problem for the commuters across India. Most resident parking, pay and display systems are very overcrowded and the chaos reigns over the Indian parking system.

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However, one of the ways to deal with it could be by using park and ride systems in urban areas. 

What does the “Park and Ride” system mean?

Many residents today use private transport to travel to work, shop for grocery and for hanging out with friends. No matter how important this stuff might be, a lot of people on the road mean uncontrollable traffic in most of the cases.

This is where the concept named ‘Park and Ride’ comes into play.Under Park and Ride systems, travellers park their private cars in designated parking spots, which are well connected with public transport hubs. They then use public transportation to cover the remaining distance to their destination.


This intermodal parking and transport system is already being practiced in thousands of cities in different countries. Reports suggest that the problem of traffic congestion has significantly gone down in all the areas where the system of ‘Park and Ride’ has been implemented. 

NGF132 | Don't leave your number on the dashboard. - Apps on Google Play

NGF132 can come handy in case you are planning to use Park and Ride Systems. The tag of NGF132 makes contacting car owners really easy and while doing so, you won’t even be violating someone else’s privacy.

It is available in the form of car stickers that can be pasted on the vehicle and the QR embedded upon it can be used for numerous purposes ranging from vehicle identification to dealing with emergency situations.

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Hence, it could be concluded that the NGF132 can play a huge role in decluttering the whole parking problem in India and can actually solve the never-ending agony of Indian commuters.