Get Back To Work With Ngf132

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Get back to work with NGF132

With many companies gearing up to call employees back to work, the time to welcome back the morning rush has almost come. With NGF132, you can prepare better to return to work. 

We are sure you must have thought about the ambience and the changes that you would notice after resuming work from the office, but have you considered how you can make your commute and parking convenient and hassle-free?

Start-up that promises hassle-free parking - The Financial Express

The ripples of the pandemic are bound to be felt long after the pandemic is over and it can be foreseen that most of the people would switch to personal vehicles. 

Affordable Price, Great Returns

With more people getting back to work, it is obvious that the tussle for an ideal parking spot shall continue. Increase in traffic jams and vehicles incessantly honking horns are going to be a frequent sight again.

What Causes Traffic Congestion? | Geotab

But, with NGF132, you can easily make your travel easy. When you buy this tag, you are saving yourself from the long queues of document verifications.

We recommend buying this affordable solution to help you resume your work again from the office without worrying about the parking troubles. 

Contactless Documentation and ease of information storage 

With NGF132, you can maintain social distancing and show the required documents easily. In case of emergency too, you can simply check if the vehicle has a tag and get in touch with the owner of the vehicle instantly without checking his personal belongings. 

So, as you brace to resume work from home after over a year, opt for NGF132 to make your commute pleasant and your parkings smooth.   

We are also offering a discount of 20% on the NGF132 tags so that you can place an order without any trouble. You can simply place an order with us and we will get it delivered at your doorstep within 1-2 days.