3 Future Trends In Automotive Sector

3 Future trends in automotive sector

Today, cars are a lot more than just vehicles that we use to travel from one place to another. The modern technology has made our cars intuitive and smart. They now function as our radios, GPS, advenrtising spaces and so much more.

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Consumers now want that their cars should not only make their driving experience comfortable, but also make our lives easier. As digitisation continues to change our lives for the better, here is what we think can change in terms of parking services.

In-Car Payments

Allowing in-car payments for parking both on-street and off-street can prove to be super helpful for the people and people might adopt it in the near future.

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This feature will help cities boost their digital adoption and will create a seamless opportunity for contactless payments. It will also ensure on-street spaces that they include in-car payments for services like electric vehicle charging and curb road traffic.

Parking on-the go

The future of the parking experience relies on mobile applications where users can handle parking on the go. Soon we will be having apps that would allow us to navigate through parking spaces, reservation, payment and invoicing etc.

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The infrastructure behind these features on the parking side is a smart video analytics and soon LPR-based automation system shall be implemented to enable ticketless operations.


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