NGF132 falls under one of those products that costs the minimum amount but yields more value. In this case, saving you from unwanted damages to your motor vehicle and not having to incur undesirable costs.  As such, the question ‘What are the Services of NGF132?‘ arises. NGF132 operates in a manner such that it is easy-to-use and honestly, doesn’t require much expertise. Therefore, it’s services can also be accessed easily. Let’s get more into depth, shall we?

Though NGF132 comes in a size smaller than that of the palm of your hand, its efficiency will definitely surpass exorbitant expectations. It comes in the form of a sticker with the print of a QR Code and a series of digits right under it. What’s next?

  • Scan the QR Code using Paytm or any scanner.
  • Type in your number plate, name and phone number.
  • Then enter in the last four digits of the numbers under the QR Code.

And that’s all it really takes for you to register your car with the NGF132 sticker. This will enable you to enjoy the services of the sticker.

Reminder: NO personal data is shared or publicised. It is collected solely for the functionality of the stickers.

Moving on, let us take a look at the services of NGF132.

What are the Services of NGF132?

The services of NGF132 are highlighted below:

1) NGF132 enables anybody to contact a car owner easily

Services of NGF132

Purchase your NGF132 stickers from its official website. They are shipped within 2-4 working days. Not to forget, you also enjoy 100% money back within 30 days, no questions asked! Place the sticker on any visible part of your two-wheeler or four-wheeler. And finally register your car. Once that’s done, if any circumstances or situation arises concerning your motor wheeler, any individual can get in contact with you by simply scanning the QR Code of the sticker.

They will be presented with a list of reasons from which they can choose one and that’s all it really takes for you to know why you’re being contacted. No app is required to be installed by either party.

2) NGF132 enables users to upload emergency data

NGF132 allows for users to upload emergency data such as insurance and emergency contact details, blood group, etc. Such a feature plays an important role in case of unfortunate accidents. In 2019 alone, India reported 480,652 road accidents causing deaths of over 151,113 people. This is a pretty alarming rate and India itself accounts for about 6 percent of the global road fatalities.

Hence, having your emergency details in hand can be quite useful in the bustling streets of the country.

3) NGF132 enables users to upload vehicle documents

NGF132 permits its users to upload and manage vehicle documents. When travelling or going anywhere via your motor wheeler, it is essential to always have your car documents in hand. Inspections can carried out at state borders or highways, especially during riots. Or perhaps you might have broken a traffic rule and the police have asked for your vehicle documents. Whatever the case scenario be, it is very important to have your documents. That is, if you do not want to have your wheeler impounded or to shell out cash for fines. But it can be quite a hassle and also not secure to carry all of your vehicle documents.

Therefore, with NGF132 you can access them anywhere and anytime without the fear of losing or misplacing them.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your NGF132 stickers today for just Rs.149!


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