When it comes to parking your car or motorcycle, you can never be certain that it is safe from any undesirable situations. These situations may include you unknowingly parking in a zone not meant for parking or perhaps having left the windows open, which is a small forgetfulness but can lead to huge consequences. Whatever be the reason, you may arrive to the solution of leaving your phone number on the windshield. It certainly makes things easier to contact you in case any unwanted situation arises with regards to your parked vehicle. But that is, if it falls in safe hands. With the way the world is working at the present, it doesn’t pose to be an ideal answer for you to leave your personal phone number out in the open for anybody to have access to. Here, is where NGF132 comes to play. So, what is NGF132?

What is NGF132?

NGF132 are small, rectangular stickers with a Special QR code at the front. These stickers present to be the safest way for anybody to contact the owner of an unknown wheeler. In case, it proves to be a hindrance to anybody else, they can contact you by scanning the QR Code using any scanner. The best part? NO personal data is shared. It simply involves directly getting in contact with a motor vehicle’s owner via the QR Code. Moreover, no app is required to be installed.

The NGF132 stickers can be purchased from its official website for a price of Rs.149. That’s right! Rs.149 is all you have to pay for the safest way of preventing your wheeler from being towed away or any other unwanted damage.

Of course, with this, the question of how these stickers can be used comes to your mind.

How can it be used?

Well, the first and foremost thing required is for you to purchase the stickers. You can choose car stickers or motorcycle stickers, or both. Whichever works with your preference. The stickers are delivered to your doorstep within 2-4 working days. And lastly, you are guaranteed full 100% money back within 30 days, no questions asked! Cool, right?

Once you have received your NGF132 stickers, place the sticker on any surface of your four-wheeler or two-wheeler. The sticker can be placed on the car’s windshield or the motorcycle’s gas tank. Now, it is time for you to link your car with the NGF132 sticker.

1: First scan the sticker using camera or paytm

2: Type in the plate number of the motor vehicle. Once that’s done, you will have to enter your name and phone number.

3: Immediately, an OTP will be sent via SMS. Enter in the four-digit number and that’s all it takes for you to register and link your car with the NGF132 sticker.

Again, all these details will NOT be shared or publicized. This is solely for the functionality of the NGF132 stickers.

No specific app is needed for the scanning of the QR Code. For iPhones, you may scan using the camera while for android, you may use any QR scanner. If not, you can also opt for the official NGF132 app to scan the code.

After finishing up with the registration, in case your vehicle poses to be a hindrance to anybody, you can be directly contacted through call or SMS. A set of reasons will be presented as to why one wishes to contact the owner of the wheeler.

One reason is to be chosen and the last four digits of the registered vehicle number should be typed in. And voila! You are immediately notified of any disturbances your wheeler is causing others.

You can also upload and manage your documents and fill in your emergency details. The emergency details are primarily meant for circumstances involving accidents, where the requirement of contacting some one you know, your blood group and insurance data, etc. arises.

So, if you’re still wondering what is NGF132? Let’s just say, it is one of the best investments you will ever make, saving you money and your wheeler from unwanted damage.