It is not essential for you to own a vehicle to understand what parking is. In lay man’s terms, parking is simply the act of disengaging a vehicle and leaving it at a spot, unoccupied and unattended. But of course, it is very important to remember that parking cannot be done anywhere one desires. As such, this leads us to the importance of parking properly.

While parking, you have to ensure that where you stop your vehicle doesn’t cause hindrance or blockage to others (vehicles and people). At the same time, your motor wheeler should be parked at a place where it is allowed to. Otherwise, you’re sure to take out some bucks for paying fines. And well, not having to meet any policemen and going on a smooth ride is more favourable right?

Importance of Parking Properly

Wherever your destination might be, if there is a nearby parking lot or car lot then you shouldn’t face much problem when it comes to parking your car.

Parking in Car Lots must be done with carefulness as there are multiple other vehicles as well.

Parking lots are after all cleared spaces solely meant for passengers to park their vehicles without any worries. However, here too one has to be mindful. You have to ensure that your parked vehicle do not cause a blockage or restrict the movement of other cars. Moreover, there are cases where the lot is fully occupied and no space is left for your wheeler.

 Therefore, if there is no parking lot or there is one but it is full, you have to resort for on-street parking.

On-Street Parking

As the name suggests, it means parking your vehicle alongside the side of a road or anywhere on the street as opposed to parking in a garage or car lot.

As you’re parking out in the open and not in an area solely meant for parked vehicles, you have to be extra careful. It is of priority that where you plan to park is a spot which is used for parking by others or there is no visible sign suggesting not to do so. Apart from that, one should also avoid parking right in front of people’s gates and narrow roads. If any problem arises concerning your parked vehicle resulting in any disgruntled passer-by, you face the possibility of having your wheeler towed away.

Parking in ‘No Parking’ Zones should be avoided.

With the number of vehicles increasing rapidly every single day, the spaces available for parking is outnumbered. This results in a number of problems such as overcharging of parking lots, accidents and clogging of roads. Therefore, people often times leave their numbers on a piece of paper placed on the windshield of the car. It proves to be very useful in any situation where the owner of the vehicle needs to be contacted. However, it is also extremely dangerous for your number to be left out in the open where anybody can have access to it.

This is exactly why NGF132 was introduced. It comes in the form of a sticker with a QR Code printed on its surface. ngf132

The QR Code enables anyone to contact the owner of a wheeler and let them know what problems their vehicle is causing. NO personal details are publicized or shared. Your privacy is kept as top priority. Therefore, the services of NGF132 won’t leave you disappointed!

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