The question of why a car owner needs to be contacted can arise in numerous emergency situations or simply when the car itself poses to be a great hindrance to others. This may occur due to the car being parked at an inconvenient location, creating a traffic or for simply being placed at a ‘No Parking’ zone. Whatever the reason may be, the favorable solution is for the owner of the car to be contacted and ask the individual to remove the car or take any further suitable actions. So, How to Contact the Owner of an Unknown Car?

The action itself of finding and contacting the owner of an unknown car can be quite a hassle. As such, won’t it be ideal if there existed a simple and easy means to contact a car owner without having to go through procedures that prove to be a great nuisance?  Moreover, if you yourself had the means for others to contact you in case your parked car proves to be an inconvenience without having to share your personal contact number on your car’s windshield, saves you from unwarranted calls and messages from strangers. As a result, NGF132 is here to save the day! It presents a very simple and efficient means for car owners to be contacted. Curious how? Keep on reading!

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How to Contact the Owner of an Unknown Car?

NGF132 are fun sized stickers with which any one can contact a car owner without the latter having to share his personal details or information. All one has to do is scan the QR Code of the sticker and contact the owner of the car with whatever problems the car is posing to be or is causing others. The QR Code can be scanned using any QR reader or you can also opt for downloading the NGF132 app.

So, it really gets you thinking as to how these NGF132 stickers actually work, right?


Well, first and foremost, purchase the NGF132 stickers from its official website

Next, you can type in your information such as phone number, name, state, etc. and purchase your stickers for a price of Rs.149. Yes! Rs. 149 is all it takes for your car to be safe from getting towed or you having to pay some hefty fine. However, keep in mind that all the simple details you enter will NOT be shared or publicized. So, your information is solely for the functionality of the stickers.

Once you have received your sticker/s, all you have got to do is to stick the NGF132 stickers on any visible part of your car. It may be on the car windows, the backside, or the windshield. Fret not, your stickers will be delivered the earliest as possible.

Once that’s done, when a situation arises in which your car is perhaps causing some trouble or inconvenience to others, they can simply scan the QR Code of the sticker which will enable them to either message or call you. They will be presented with a series of reasons as to why they are contacting you and after choosing which of the reasons, their messages or calls will be forwarded to you.

How to Contact the Owner of an Unknown Car?

Hence, you can also immediately have an idea as to why you’re being contacted with regards to your parked car.

NGF132 simplifies the trouble of contacting a car owner and offers a solution which can definitely save you money and damage. So, what are you waiting for? Get your NGF132 sticker today!