Bad Parking Problems : Parking is one of the biggest problems in Indian metropolises. Be it car parking or motorcycle parking it seems there is not enough pot for everyone. Unfortunately, it results in people parking their vehicles improperly, or even illegally. 

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These days owning a car is not a big deal, but finding a spot to park can be a big headache. If you just use your car to commute between your home & office and you have parking in both places you won’t face any major issues. 

Bad Parking Problems : How to avoid Bad Parking?

There are people who are really bad at parking or they just don’t care. Often you can’t do anything about such people, but you can avoid doing it yourself. Here are few rules which you should be aware of. 

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Bad Parking Problems
  • Avoid parking In a no parking zone, or wherever it is clearly prohibited
  • Don’t park on a footpath or too far away from a footpath
  • Don’t park on any private property without the consent of the owner
  • Don’t park on the main road or any road with high-speed traffic
  • Don’t park on the opposite side of the road to any other parked vehicle or alongside one, to not obstruct the flow of traffic
  • Avoid parking on the wrong side of the road
  • Don’t park on roads with a white unbroken line in the centre
  • You are not allowed to park in front of any gate or blocking the entrance to any premises
  • Avoid parking near any bus stop, school, hospital entrance
  • Don’t park near a road sign if your vehicle obstructs the view of the sign
  • Avoid parking near any road crossing, a bend, at the top of a hill, or near and on a bridge.
  • Avoid parking near a traffic signal or a pedestrian crossing

    Finding a spot can take little patience and understanding but it can save you from the parking fine or challan.

    How To Park Better to avoid Bad Parking Problems ?

Just Remember while parking a vehicle, a driver has the absolute legal duty to know his/her surroundings, maintain complete control of the vehicle and avoid a collision with another object, person, etc.

Parking Lot Safety: What New Drivers Need to Know

To Park better and avoid bad parking problems simply follow the above-mentioned rules, in short, don’t be an annoying person who parks badly and cause a nuisance to others.

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Bad Parking Problems

However, to be honest, we all have parked atrociously at times, be it because we were running short on time, missed a sign or just having a really bad day. But even if you are doing that due to some reason still you would want to leave your contact details in case you need to be contacted or any unwanted situation arises.

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But there are chances it can fall into wrong hands and your personal data can be misused to avoid such a situation NGF132 was introduced. 

NGF132 makes contacting car owners really easy that too without any privacy violation. It is available in the form of car stickers with a QR Code printed on its surface.

Whoever needs to contact the car owner can simply scan the QR code and contact the owner to let them know what problems their vehicle is causing. Also, it has spam & prank filters and it allows you to enable and disable your stickers.